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    Beauty Tips & Tricks for your Fall Wedding

    As you prepare for your big day, consider the best beauty treatments suited for the season. Take a look at some of our suggestions to repair and prepare for your fall wedding.1. ConsultationIt is always important to start the bridal prep with a consultation to evaluate the current state of your hair.   Read More >

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    Feed Your Skin from Within: 5 Beauty Foods You Should Add to Your Diet

    Restructuring your diet and cutting out your favorite foods is not something most people look forward to. Here are 5 nutrient rich foods that are easy to introduce into your existing diet to give you that extra boost to rejuvenate your complexion!1. Green TeaShrink your pores and reduce oil production with nature's toner!   Read More >

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    10 Products We Can't Live Without!

    Unique hair textures, colors, and lengths generally require equally unique products. Our talented team of stylists, however, have assembled a list of holy-grail items that are amazing for a wide variety of hair types. ···1.   Read More >

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    Fun in the Sun...with Safety in Mind

    Now that those dreary clouds are beginning to part, we are starting to enjoy the beautiful, sunny weather of the summer. That means more cookouts, beach trips, walks in the park, and lazy days by the pool. You've been told your whole life how important sunscreen is to protect the integrity of your skin, but we're going to take this opportunity to remind you one more time.   Read More >

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    Think Mink: 5 FAQs about Eyelash Extensions

    One of the most powerful and sometimes underutilized tools in a beauty kit are false lashes. No matter how tired you may be, nothing polishes up a look quite like a healthy dose of lashes. But we’re here to tell you that falsies aren’t just for formal occasions anymore!   Read More >

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