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Believe it or not, no one has perfect skin. No matter how glamorous and remarkable celebrities may look on TV, even they have flaws. The secret isn’t spending thousands of dollars on rare products made of caviar, its finding a team of experienced beauticians that know how to identify your unique skin-type.

Once you think you’ve managed to nail down your ideal skincare products, the weather changes and you have to start from scratch. Luckily, you are surrounded by a strong, and experienced staff of stylists and estheticians that are ready to help you transition your skin and hair for the Fall
and Winter.

Adjusting your moisturizer

A surprising fact that many people have yet to learn, is that your skin-type does not stay constant all year round. Do you consider your skin texture to be oily? Dry? Combination? Beauty products love to simplify the complicated beast that is, skin. In reality, there are dozens of ways to label your skin-type because different zones of your face behave in unique ways.

Learning the true behavior of your skin throughout the different seasons of the year are essential to selecting the right products for you. Continue reading and take our Skin-ID quiz to help isolate your skin’s strengths and weaknesses.

Transitioning your routine

For those of you that have to maintain sensitive skin, transitioning your skincare products is not an easy task. Your skin texture is very reactive to change and the last thing you need, is a breakout because you were trying to prepare for the winter.

Worry not! The secret to introducing new products into your regimen is to do so gradually. Continue to use your existing cleanser, toner, and moisturizer in the morning, and work in the new formulas before bed. Most importantly, listen to your body! If your skin is rejecting your new products, then you might have to pull back the frequency of use to once or twice a week until you become acclimated to all
the change.

Staying hydrated

This might sound like common knowledge, but alot of people tend to forget about the importance of drinking water in the colder months. Dehydration appears in more ways than you may realize. Those dry, cracked hands, lips, and hair are all tell-tale signs that you need to up your dosage of H2O. It’s amazing how much of a difference a few extra glasses of water a day.

Pampering your hands

As you are tailoring the needs of your skin for the fall and winter, its important not to neglect your hands! There’s nothing worse than leaving the house with dry, cracking hands in the cold. Everything you touch feels like sandpaper and those awful dry cuticles end up ruining your beautiful new manicure. If you are not drinking enough water to keep your hands hydrated from the start, then moisturizer may not be enough to solve your alligator hands.

Take the time to pamper yourself once
a week to a moisturizing handpeel. In honor of this common beauty problem, we are offering a special to add-on a free handpeel with heated mitts to any salon service valued at over $100 through December. Make sure you book an appointment with Holly or Jodi to take us up on this amazing offer.

We have a great, knowledgable staff here that would love to help you relieve all your beauty frustrations. So make sure to ask your stylist for any recommendations that will give you all the hydration you’ll need to get you through the winter.