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What is heatcure and what does it treat?

The #1 hair concern is damage. Many factors contribute to damage including environmental changes, color or chemical treatments, water types and more. In just 15 minutes, you can reverse up to one year’s worth of damage with the in-salon HEATCURE treatment. You can maintain this restoration process with your very own home-care treatment. Your home care product has four heat-activated applications you can complete in just 5-10 minutes once a week or between Salon Treatments.

The latest innovation by Redken, HEATCURE, is a repair technology designed to restore hair health that has been in the making for over six years. In-salon treatments consist of a heat tool and unique restorative formula that is activated when used together. The heat and formula penetrate through the hair’s cuticle up to the cortex and give you restorative results lasting up to ten washes.

This formula is truly innovative with a unique combination of proteins (arginine, soy, sepicap), oils (wheat and palm), low-melting point waxes (candelilla and beeswax) and cationic conditioners. When the formula is heated using the tool, the specialized balance of the oils and low-melting point waxes helps the formula to deeply penetrate the fiber through the cuticle up to the cortex. The cationic conditioners then smooth the cuticle, “locking” in the ingredients and providing lasting restorative results.

Alicia’s Salon & Day Spa recommends HEATCURE treatments in a series to promote hair restoration & improved health & strength. Ask your stylist how to correct and prevent damage from summer exposure, stay within your beauty budget, and always look radiant!