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Prep & Prime for your Wedding Look

Congratulations! You had a beautiful and memorable proposal, and now that special day you’ve been waiting for is finally in sight. I’m sure you’ve been Pinterest pinning every detail of the wedding ever since you changed your Facebook relationship status. And now that your dream wedding is slowly becoming a reality, excitement and anticipation is slowly evolving into stress and anxiety. Big or small, weddings are a huge undertaking, especially for those of us who are not natural party planners. We hope you take comfort in knowing that Alicia’s Salon & Day Spa is here to take a load off your mind. Take a look at our beginners guide to Bridal Hair & Makeup, to help you decide what iconic look you’ll be rocking on your big day!

1. Beauty Budget
“Can I afford a beauty team on my wedding budget?” This seems to be the most common question for any bride-to-be. Calculating your beauty budget isn’t as simple as you might think. There are so many variables that your glam team needs to account for to determine your cost estimate. That’s why it is crucial that you schedule a consultation with your salon far in advance to answer all the questions Pinterest can’t answer for you. Here are a few questions you can expect to hear at your first consultation:

  • How many other individuals are getting their hair and/or makeup done? Bridesmaids, Moms, Flower Girl, etc?
  • Will your glam team be working on site? If so, how far away is the venue?
  • Will you or your Bridal Party need extensions to achieve your desired look?
  • Do you want to book a pre-trial appointment to test your look before the wedding?

2. Deciding on your Look
You’ve considered classic up-dos from bridal magazines, and even trendy looks straight from the red carpet. Narrowing down your options before your consultation is a helpful way to prepare for your style consultation.

  • Decide what details of each look are most important to you. Maybe you need an up-do because you want to show off the intricate lace on the back of your dress. Perhaps you need a tousled side braid to balance out your gown’s asymmetrical neckline.
  • Test out the silhouettes that look best on you and your dress before you commit to the “hottest hairstyle of 2017”.
  • Communicate your ideas with inspiration pictures to your stylist. Behind the scenes, your glam squad uses those pictures to pack and plan months in advance.

3. Tips for your big day
Your special day is here! You’re anxious, you’re excited, but you’re not stressed, because you know you have an amazing team of stylists looking out for you on your big day. To make their process a bit easier, make sure to plan ahead for a few things:

  • Day old hair has more grip and texture, so make sure you don't wash your hair
    the day of.
  • Wear a robe or button down shirt before you sit down in the beauty chair. The last thing your hairdo needs is a pullover shirt.
  • Incorporate family heirlooms or broken jewelry into your hair to bring more sentimentality to your look.

It’s never too early to book your free consultation, so give us a call at 804-768-0131 or visit to schedule online.