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Switch Up Your Look!

Changing up your look is never an easy task. You're so accustomed to your style that its hard to picture yourself looking any differently. You have probably created a brand new Pinterest board called "hair makeover ideas," but are too hesitant to step inside the salon to make that wish-list a reality. And I'm sure at least once, you've gone online to a "virtual makeover" site to digitally change the hair color on your favorite selfie. It's a stressful road, but you don't have to walk it alone. Here are a couple of questions we can help you answer to make the process a little smoother.

Should I go lighter or darker?
Go lighter if you want a more easy, breezy, beach-y look. Maybe even try a beautiful Balayage look. It's such a great, low-maintenance way to lighten your hair without worrying about the upkeep on your roots. Not to mention that your natural roots will provide an anchor for your darker eyebrows to match.

There is nothing wrong with going darker in the spring. There are no rules when it comes to choosing the best look for yourself. You should consider going darker if you're looking for a more edgy & sultry look. Dark hair always looks gorgeous on darker skin tones and dark eyes, but also draws direct attention to beautiful bright eye colors like blue, green, and hazel.

Is my skin tone warm or cool?
Your skin tone is warm if...

  1. Gold jewelry looks stunning on you
  2. The veins on the inside of your wrist are probably more greenish in hue.
  3. You tan pretty easily and rarely burn.

Your skin tone is cool...

  1. Silver jewelry is your best friend
  2. The veins in your wrist are more blue-purple in color.
  3. You probably burn easily in the sun and have a hard time tanning

So what hair colors will look best on me?
Warm skin tones

  • Complimentary hair colors for you will have yellow and red undertones.
  • Want to live on the edge? A pastel pink will look amazing on your golden skin.

Cool skin tones

  • Stick to more neutral and blue-ish hues when you're deciding on a new color.
  • We love pastel blues, teals, and purples on cool skin tones like yours.

Still not sure what color will look best on you? Stop in for a consultation and one of our stylists will help you chose the perfect spring color!