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The Science Behind an LED Light Facial

Have you checked out the latest craze in beauty? Thanks to celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Jessica Alba, LED Light Therapy has picked up momentum in the beauty community. If you’ve seen the crazy “white mask” pictures on Instagram, then you probably have a few questions about the process and what LED light can do for your skin…

Will I experience any discomfort?

No, the session only takes 20-minutes and is completely non-invasive. Unlike UV light, you will not experience any uncomfortable heat given off from the mask. We do however, recommend that you relax during the session with your eyes closed, as the light can be a bit bright as you adjust.

 Will an LED Facial give me a tan? 

No, unlike UV tanning beds, LED light stimulates your skin in a healthy way.

How long does it take to notice results?

LED treatments produce a cumulative effect. Routine facials paired with the LED add-on will build beautiful results over time, but you will notice a subtle improvement in your skin’s appearance after one visit. If you suffer from acne or redness, you will love the immediate difference in the calming of inflammation.

Finding your Light:

Your Esthetician will work with you to decide what color light is best suited to your skin type.

Green light- reduces redness and calms inflammation

Blue light- enhances collagen production

White- calming for sensitive skin

Who is certified to give LED facials at Alicia’s Salon & Day Spa?

With over 25 years of experience in health and energy services, Jodi works to heal the whole person, rather than just isolated issues. As a licensed Master Esthetician, her training also includes Reiki healing and years of skin care treatment and knowledge. Schedule your next facial with Jodi and rejuvenate your spirit to match the beauty you radiate on the outside.

How much does the LED add-on cost? 

Different salons will offer a variety of price options that vary according to region and duration of service. At Alicia’s Salon & Day Spa, we add-on the LED Light Therapy to any facial service.

 Still hesitant about LED Light Therapy? Give us a call and schedule an appointment with Jodi for a quick and easy consultation to find the light that is best for your skin type.