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TIPS & TRICKS for Better Hair-Care According to Your Hair Type.

Not all hair is created equal. Products, routines, and styles differ drastically from one individual to another. Even with those who have seemingly similar hair texture to yours. In the world of unpredictable "bad hair days", we do our best to minimize the stress by streamlining the best recommended products for your most common hair related dilemmas.

Light bounces beautifully off of straight hair when it is healthy and properly styled. Otherwise, those frizzy flyaways will be difficult to hide.

Lock in strength and shine using…

Pureology: Smooth Perfection Shaping Control Gel to mold and control hair to a smooth texture.

Moisturize! Take the time to feed your hair with the moisture that is lost when shampoo washes away your natural oils. Encourage your curls with a styling cream that defines and moisturizes each ringlet with...

Redken: Curvaceous for Spirals, Shape-Perfecting Lotion.

For those days your hair could use some extra oomph for added volume and bounce, dry shampoo is the quick and easy solution. Lift roots for added texture using...

Redken: Cerafill Dense FX Hair Diameter Thickening Treatment. This spray swells the cuticle and makes your hair feel and look thicker.

Redken: High Rise Volume for High Lift and Volume.

Heat damage is a common problem with thick hair because it requires more effort to dry and style. High heat from your blow dryer and styling tools will do a number on the integrity of your hair, causing frizz and dullness.

Protect your hair from your beloved styling tools with...

Redken: Iron Shape 11, Thermal Re-Styling Technology Spray

Protect your investment using sulfate-free hair products to maintain color vibrancy as long as possible. Undergoing a color transformation can harm your hair without the proper maintenance ritual. Pureology and Redken both have great sulfate-free options for a variety of hair textures.

If you are still intimidated by the wide selection of hair products and could use a bit more help, please feel free to talk to any of our talented stylists here at Alicia's Salon & Day.