10 New Year Beauty Resolutions

As we welcome 2019, we also welcome the opportunity for a clean slate and a fresh start. As arbitrary as it is, January 1st offers us hope for a bright new year filled with adventures and joy. No matter what comes your way in the year, good and bad, set yourself up for success.

Take back control of the elements in your life that you can change for the better. Adopt daily, weekly, and monthly habits that inspire positivity and encourage growth. If you're having trouble figuring out a starting point, take a look at these attainable New Year's resolutions that will make 2019 the year of "self-care”.

1. Always remove makeup, cleanse and moisturize before bed.

After a long, exhausting day, it can be so tempting to jump into bed and skip your nightly beauty regimen while you say to yourself, "I'll just throw on a repairing mask tomorrow night". This year, hold yourself accountable for the tired nights you don't feel like washing your face. Reward yourself for every week and month you succeed at maintaining your beauty routine.

2. Always use heat protectant products.

Heat damage is a villain we don't see until it's too late. Preventative care is the name of the game, and this year, your mission is to always use a heat protectant before using any hot tool.

3. Switch to Sulfate-Free Shampoo.

Changing out your shampoo to a sulfate-free formula is the easiest resolution to attain. Sulfates create the suds that you see not only in shampoo, but also laundry detergent and dish soap. This ingredient strips away valuable oils that keep your hair healthy and shiny. Switch to a Redken or Pureology shampoo and see the difference almost immediately.

4. Drink more water!

Your #1 beauty tool of 2019 is a daily dose of H2O. Challenge yourself to start with 2 weeks of healthy water consumption based on your lifestyle and weight. You'll begin to notice that your hair will become more lustrous and your skin will look more plump and vibrant. Once you see the difference in the mirror, maintaining this new habit will be a piece of cake!

5. Schedule routine hair appointments.

No matter how diligent you are with your at-home hair care, you have to admit that a trip to the salon brings that extra oomph you've been missing. Make it a point this year to block out your schedule for routine maintenance. Not only will you improve the long term effects of your hair's health, you'll also enjoy a well deserved spa day.

6. Treat yourself to hair masks and treatments.

Settle in once a week with a good book or movie, maybe a glass of wine, and treat yourself to an at-home spa night with a revitalizing face mask to combat the toxins and stress of the week. Ask one of our estheticians for recommendations on what type of masks are best for your skin type.

7. Learn your ingredients.

If you are truly committed to turning around your daily beauty habits, learning what ingredients help and hurt the integrity of your locks is a powerful weapon in the fight for healthier hair. Ask our stylists about the difference between harmful products and recommended products to promote long term growth.

8. Schedule “me-time”.

Nothing boosts your self confidence quite like a stay-cation that energizes not only your mood but also your appearance. Make an effort to schedule more time for yourself. Whether it's sunrise yoga, meditation, a peaceful movie night, or a night out with your friends, treat yourself to the break that you deserve.

9. Be more adventurous with styles.

Life is too short to fall complacent with your look and style. Challenge yourself to take the plunge and experiment with a new look this year! Maybe you've been curious about how a new color might look, or a brand new cut and style. This is the year to discover a new you!

10. Spread positivity.

No product or beauty regimen compares to the power of positivity and joy in your life. Radiate beauty from the inside by spreading laughter and love to those around you. Bring more attention to your day-to-day interactions and begin to offer more compliments to others. You may be surprised how sharing a simple smile with a stranger can brighten your day.

Posted on Wed, January 2, 2019 by Lora Portsche