Are you ready to take the plunge and dive-in to the incredible world of hair extensions? If you’re unconvinced that the commitment is a worthwhile investment to amp up your volume and length, read on and allow our expertise on the subject convince you otherwise.


Time and time again, you leave the salon with a beautiful blowout with volume for days. When the time comes for you to wash and reset your hair, the sometimes futile efforts to recreate that salon-style turns out to be more work than you bargained for. If only there was a simpler way to achieve that same volume with less time and effort!

Contrary to popular belief, hair extensions come in handy for much more than just length. For those with thin, flat hair, extensions offer a great solution. Once you’ve landed those new silky wefts of hair, the days of teasing and fluffing are over! No more will you suffer from deflated styles that fall a little too flat.


When it comes to hair extensions, the options can be overwhelming when you are researching the origin of your new wefts across different brands. So it is important to know the story behind your purchased hair to customize your haircare routine.  

Virgin hair is the holy grail of hair extensions. These donated locks have been collected with great care to maintain the natural direction of the strands. The donor has also never processed their hair, so the lack of chemicals will create a longer lifespan for you as a buyer. Keep in mind, however, that these high-end extensions do come at an extra cost. In addition to the upfront purchase, you will most likely need your stylist to color match the new hair to your own. The upfront selection will be limited, since the companies selling them would have bypassed the bleaching and coloring phase of development.

Remy hair is the most popular choice on the market for hair extensions because they offer the best quality for reasonable prices. When you are selecting 100% remy, you are still choosing to buy human hair. But unlike virgin hair, it does not come from one donor. The strands within each weft is provided from multiple donors and are then processed to color match according to the company’s sales options. It is important to understand that not all remy hair is made equally. Different companies apply different techniques as they sew the hair into wefts.

More often then not, the most affordable hair extensions on the market are either 100% synthetic or a mixed-blend of synthetic and remy hair. Synthetic options are recommended for limited use only because they generally have a shorter lifespan as the fibers do not handle wear and hot tools with the same resiliency as human hair and you might find your hair in a few too many tangles with lower-end extensions as well. If you are interested in having more drama in your updo for a special occasion, synthetic hair is a smart and affordable choice since the style will be locked in place for the duration of

your event.

As you are comparing the quality of hair across different brands, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Does the volume of each weft flow evenly from root to tip?

2. Is there any fall-out or breakage when combing or brushing the weft?

3. Are you happy with the overall volume of hair on each weft?

4. Does the cost of the extensions match the value of the life expectancy recommended by the company?

5. Does the texture of the hair closely

match your own?


Whether you are a veteran of hair extensions, or your just dipping your toes in the water, there is a product that matches your desired commitment level.

Take a look at the most popular options below:

1. Clip-Ins

Great for beginners and special occasions. Clip-in extensions offer you the freedom to wear and remove according to your

day-to-day lifestyle. You have the freedom to pop them in before a fancy dinner, and take them out before heading to the gym. The band can feel a bit bulky as you are getting used to them, but it does offer you a great deal of versatility for your ever-changing needs.

If you find it difficult putting in your clips and keeping them in place, ask your stylist for some hands-on tips and tricks that tailor to your unique hair texture.

2. I-Tips

This technique does require a visit to the salon to incorporate the wefts into your hair. It does however, offer the convenience of not dealing with the daily removal. Your stylist will pinch your natural hair with the extensions using a small bead just below the root. Once the extensions are in place, your stylist will then move forward with the cut to seamlessly blend into the final look.

This option provides freedom in movement so that you can easily throw your hair in an updo without removing
the wefts. But don’t forget to visit your stylist for routine check-ins to maintain
the integrity of your natural and purchased hair!

2. Tape-Ins

If you are looking for the same mid-level commitment that I-Tips provide but would prefer more natural hardware, you might be looking for tape-in extensions. Each weft is created to lie flat with a light, slim profile. Keep in mind, that movement might be slightly more limiting because of how the wefts are structured. So if you’re known to throwing your hair up in a ponytail or bun from time to time, make sure you specify those needs to your stylist so that she can apply the extensions accordingly.

We absolutely love taking the opportunity to educate our clients on the benefits of rocking extensions in their everyday style. Whether you decide to purchase the extensions on your own, or you’d like to use our recommended brands, make sure to set-up your consultation to customize your new hair to your unique look!

Posted on Mon, April 2, 2018 by Lora Portsche