Restructuring your diet and cutting out your favorite foods is not something most people look forward to. Here are 5 nutrient rich foods that are easy to introduce into your existing diet to give you that extra boost to rejuvenate your complexion!

1. Green Tea

Shrink your pores and reduce oil production with nature's toner! Whether you apply directly to your face, or drink an energizing cup in the morning, you'll enjoy the healing qualities that can boost antioxidants to improve your overall wellness.

2. Avocado & Turkey

With high counts of Niacin, avocado helps to speed up skin cell regeneration which is essential for repairing sun damage, acne hyperpigmentation, and reduces the symptoms of rosacea. Niacin also helps your skin to better retain moisture, so make sure you are properly hydrated!

Pro-Tip: For a super boost of niacin, consider adding Turkey breast to your diet. Although avocado is a convenient food to add-on to a variety of meals, turkey breast offers almost 30x the amount of niacin.

3. Tomatoes

The best rule of thumb for consuming foods high in nutrients is to "taste the rainbow". A colorful diet provides a variety of nutrients that keep your system well-balanced. Add some red into your diet with some juicy tomatoes to increase your levels of antioxidants which help turn-back time on skin damage.

4. Bone Broth

Satisfy your carnivore cravings while boosting your collagen intake, all at once! Collagen is a protein that provides the firmness and elasticity of your skin. Throw together a nice pot of beef stew and stimulate your collagen levels for a younger looking complexion.

If you're looking for a vegetarian alternative, berries help protect the existing collagen in your system as well as boost the natural production by sustaining the essential amino acids that produce the protein.

5. Water!

Otherwise known as the fountain of youth! No matter how many facials, cleansers, masks, and treatments you invest in, the one holy grail beauty tool to never forget is water. Keeping your skin hydrated and plump is the baseline for healthy turnover in the reproduction of your skin cells.

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Posted on Wed, August 1, 2018 by Lora Portsche