Have you ever experimented with new, edgy, and kind of crazy looks with your hair with complete and absolute freedom? We like to call it "Halloween". Take a little walk on the wild side and check-out some of our favorite hair-inspired looks for your next spook-tacular event.

1. Unicorn

Tame the mane with this creative look! While everyone else wears hats and headbands, you'll be rocking a one-of-a-kind unicorn horn that was made just for you. Adorn your style with temporary pastel hair chalk and spray glitter to complete the look!

2. Minnie Mouse

It's a classic costume that will never go out of style. Break the mold and create an edgy twist on the classic Minnie ears with these adorable buns. Darker hair colors will look amazing with this style to complete the full illusion of your favorite cartoon. Finish the look with the iconic polka-dot bow  and dress and you're ready to go!

3. Mermaid

Stand out from the crowd with an unexpected twist on the mermaid costume. Not that we have anything against Ariel, but we can turn the volume up a notch with this trending pastel color-play. This is the perfect look to turn heads on Halloween and every day after.

4. Rosie the Riveter

In this year of female empowerment, we have to pay homage to a classic costume that will never go out of style. Since 1943, Rosie has remained a symbol for strength and independence for women everywhere, and we will never tire of her! With a simple red bandana, denim shirt and pin-up style curls, this look is perfect for ladies with both long and short hair.

5. Ariana Grande

Channel your inner diva and rock that statement pony that Ariana is known for. Pair this clean and tight high-pony with some Hothead Extensions to create the volume and length that makes this silhouette unmistakable. With the right application and care regimen, you'll be looking like a Dangerous Woman days after your Halloween night is over.

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Posted on Mon, October 1, 2018 by Lora Portsche