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    A Beginner's Guide to Waxing

    Summer is here, and so are short-shorts and bikinis. With that, comes the extra hassle of shaving every morning to keep the stubble at bay. The problem is, carving out extra time in your daily morning routine to shave is just not realistic in our fast paced world.Imagine a life that gave you an extra 10 minutes every morning to do whatever you wanted.   Read More >

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    The Science Behind an LED Light Facial

    Have you checked out the latest craze in beauty? Thanks to celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Jessica Alba, LED Light Therapy has picked up momentum in the beauty community. If you’ve seen the crazy “white mask” pictures on Instagram, then you probably have a few questions about the process and what LED light can do for your skin…Will I experience any discomfort?No, the session only takes 20-minutes and is completely non-invasive.   Read More >

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    The Power of Lemon!

    Beauty is a complicated beast. Our skin and hair is always attempting to adjust to the weather, but doesn't always quite get it right. So we have to take the wheel and help the process along.   Read More >

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    Switch Up Your Look!

    Changing up your look is never an easy task. You're so accustomed to your style that its hard to picture yourself looking any differently. You have probably created a brand new Pinterest board called "hair makeover ideas," but are too hesitant to step inside the salon to make that wish-list a reality.   Read More >

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    Brazilian Blowout vs. Keratin Treatment

    Trying to distinguish between the two treatments can be tricky. It is essential you receive the right information before you commit to any kind of smoothing or straightening treatment. Alicia‚Äôs Salon & Spa Signature Consultation with your experienced stylist is the first and most important step to achieving the desired results.What both Treatments Have in CommonWhile both treatments make hair appear straighter, neither of these treatments are permanent.   Read More >

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