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    Vamp Up Your Valentines Day

    That lovely time of year has come back around. A time of flowers and chocolate, “I love you’s”, and “forget-me-not’s”. For some, the expectations of the holiday can be overwhelming.   Read More >

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    New Year, New Look, New You!

    Hello new year, good-bye old look! There is no better excuse for a makeover than the start of a new and wonderful year. Now that the season of giving is coming to a close, you can finally take the time to give back to yourself. We want to spoil you because you deserve every luxurious, relaxing moment that you’ll spend at Alicia’s Salon & Day Spa.   Read More >

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    Holiday Gifts They'll Go Gaga For!

    The season of giving is upon us. With that, comes a time of reflection and appreciation for those that surround you. The family and friends that support you through good times and bad deserve extra care and attention during the holiday season.Take a moment to think about those who have made the strongest impact on your life this year. Those you can always rely on to answer the phone when you call, or who always give more than they take.   Read More >

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    Believe it or not, no one has perfect skin. No matter how glamorous and remarkable celebrities may look on TV, even they have flaws. The secret isn’t spending thousands of dollars on rare products made of caviar, its finding a team of experienced beauticians that know how to identify your unique skin-type.Once you think you’ve managed to nail down your ideal skincare products, the weather changes and you have to start from scratch.   Read More >

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    Hair-raising Halloween looks that are sure to turn heads

    Every Halloween you’re faced with the same routine. You say to yourself, “I’m just going to stay in this year and hand out candy.” A week goes by, and your friends and coworkers are already planning out their epic, yet cheesy couples costumes. You’re already half-way through the month and so proud of yourself for staying strong and not walking into the Spirit Halloween store, just to “see what’s new on the shelves this year.” Before you know i...  Read More >

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